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Supreme Education Services is a Company that facilitates your complete integration into a Canadian education experience.  From your arrival to your course equivalency evaluation, we work with you and your school to make your transition into Canadian education smooth.  More...

Our key role is to make sure that the decisions that need to be made are tailored to your individual needs.
We work with you to identify the courses that are best suited to your needs.
We work to identify the schools that give you the best opportunity to pursue the direction you want your education to take.
We know the reputations of schools in delivering excellence in particular fields and that knowledge combined with your needs will give you a good “fit” to fulfill your expectations.

We will guide you in finding housing that suits your needs and our service includes picking you up at the airport to get you to that new home for the first time.
We handle technical details that smooth your way into schools. We will help with Canadian course equivalency, getting you credit in the Canadian school system for the courses you have already taken. We help with letters of admission; student’s visas and work permits if you are going to work while you are here.

Coming to a new country to complete or extend your education in a college or university can be a challenging experience. New faces and friends, new living arrangements, cultural issues, language issues all will present you will the challenge and opportunity to adapt. You will want to know that all of the major changes that you face have been planned for and that your arrival will be a pleasant change and not a shock.

Most of these services are subject to a Reasonable Charge fee. Contact Us for info.

   Above all, we want you to make a smooth transition into the Canadian culture and school
   system so that you get the maximum out of your learning experience...

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